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My Village My Nation

Tellus Art - Indien


'My Village My Nation - of art & heritage' is a project for villages worldwide, parallel to the other art projects,
in which TellusArt works to make villages more alive, responsive, growing & eventful in respect of arts, culture, heritage and environment.
TellusArt invites local artists and craftsmen to work along with the national and international artists in the village.
This provides them a broad spectrum of learning and exchanging their knowledge, work experience and perspectives on art,
and many other globalized relevant current issues with full of zests.
A Blend of Art and Culture is an attempt to promote art, friendship and understanding among people of diversified culture.
TellusArt works on different expressions, cultures, traditions and arts from the globe and put them together in one space,
we feel that Art does not understand any limitations and boundaries. It has no rules and regulations, which belong to the Society.
Everything is fair and full of expression; it just needs an exploration from the user's thought.

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"TellusArt Academy" is located in a small village, called Kaliyanwala in northern India.

TellusArt Academy is providing education to about 150 underprivileged students.

The Art and Culture Center, which is under construction at Kaliyanwala,
is an art residency for visiting artists and for promoting many other initiatives which would give them an opportunity
-to unleash their creative energies to create their artworks in an open natural space.

Workshop and Art Exhibition by International Artists and children

on Climate Change, Nature and Enviroment





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