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Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, Bhopal-India
Blooming Stone Field, Niva Environmental art -Finland
Uttarayan Art Fondation, Gujrat, Indien
Srinagar - Kasmier India
As a house without doors...  -Kbh.
Rumænien sept. -Tudor Musatescu
Can I help you with anything... London
Found object... Facebook  
Women art-project - 100 womens give coins  -  Joy of giving
Starting sewing project in India
Collective crochet hugs, there were no longer in use, -for workshops with schooll girls in India
Women art-project - 100 womens give coins
Goa, India, Creative Street Wall Painting, Mural
Goa, India -Directorate of Art and Culture, Patto,Panjim
Indien  -  International workshop
Opening of new studio - Dyssen
BIØ. Copenhagen  -- I Lay as Dead In Your Arms and -- Combover in all ages
BIØ. Copenhagen - My Name in a Frame and -The Other Side
2020, Copenhagen -  ZOO-2008
BIØ. Copenhagen -- The Goal has Been Reached  -  Double up on Everything    
Samart, Køge - To be Seen
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Absolute Eye Level   --  Freely Floating opportunities
The Lakes, Copenhagen -- Tower in the Lake    
BIØ. Copenhagen -- The End is Near  --  The Gift of Invisibility   
Samart, Køge -- The Chauffeur is Giving Away Candy     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Where the Ocean Ends    
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Thanks for Loans
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Have we not meet before     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Point of no Return
BIØ. Copenhagen - Room 
Samart, Køge   
Gallery Katarsis, Copenhagen -- The Lyrical Room     
Gallery Økologi, Copenhagen -- The Fruit, the Tree and the Rest    
   2001 - 2002
Participated in smaller exhibitions